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Indian Idol 6 Winner - Vipul Mehta wins the September 1 Grand Finale Episode
Published By srk4you on 2012-08-12 290 Views

Update: The verdict is out - Vipul Mehta, the Pujabi Munda is the winner of 2012 season of Indian Idol.

The sixth season of the Indian singing reality show "Indian Idol" is on its full swing. And just like with the most reality shows and reality series programmes, Indian Idol 6 is being heavily criticized for glamour and show-off than singing talent.


Yesterday (August 11, 2012), Ritika Raj, the 16-year old sensational singing talent was eliminated from the show. She was in the bottom two along with Amit Kumar. Personally, I always thought Ritika was better singer than Amit. Even in yesterday's episode, her voice was better than other contestants. Unfortunately, she doesn't get points for Saturday's episode, nor does she gets votes from millions of her Indian fans for yesterdays' episode.

Was she also eliminated because she is only 16 years old and that she has "ALL HER LIFE" to pursue a dream? I don't think anyone should think that way!


Poorvi is the winner of Indian Idol Season 6.

I wouldn't be wrong in any way to forecast this, this is for sure. Judges are already biased towards her. I'm not saying that they always support her for no reason, but what I'm emphasizing on is that the judges don't point out other's goodness in front of hers. That is why, here we call this "The Glamour Quotient".


Clearly, judges want contestants who are deemed to become rockstars for commercial concerts. They simply don't seem to want pure singing talents. Well, in this case, let me say, they should judge the X-Factor and nor the Indian Idol.

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