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Healthy Foods For Winter - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Health Tips For Winter Season
Published By srk4you on 2011-10-23 1345 Views

Almost all people don't know what to eat during winter season and they end up eating unhealthy foods - both kids and adults. They completely avoid healthy winter seasonal foods and go back to the most fattening winter foods in the world. 

With the change of seasons, there comes change in our lifestyle and our health too. Changing our food habits according to the change in season is the secret to a healthy body and lifestyle. Not only this, you'll save yourself from being ill. Winter Season is my favorite. Scientifically, it has been proven that winter season keeps us healthy and it increases the strength of our digestive system. Due to low temperatures of the environment, our body emits heat which is a form of energy. So we need more energy in winter season, thus making us eat more. in this condition, if you do not have a healthy balanced diet, you risk being ill.

Healthy Winter Foods for Breakfast

Avoid Caffeine. Substitute to herbal tea with ginger and Tulsi. it increases immunity against cold and heals cough and flu. Avoid fruit juices and go for vegetables, chicken or mushroom soup. Citrus foods are abundant in winter, consume them as much as you like. Orange, carrots, grapes and apples are high in nutrients and have a decent amount of anti-oxidants.

Healthy Winter Foods for Lunch

Eat vegetables and lots of them, together with brown rice, lentils, chapati. Add ginger, onions, coriander leaves and garlic to season them. Squeezing some lemons and adding cut tomatoes make them tasty and healthy at the same time. Ginger helps to maintain your body temperature and gives quick heal against cold. Refrain from oily foods, alcohols, eggs and sodas. Use olive oil to make your food more healthy.

Healthy Winter Foods for Dinner

Dinner should be as light and as oil-free as possible. Green veggies and soup is perfect.

While going to bed, eat a handful of nuts - 4 almonds, 4 cashew nuts and a chestnut, then drink a tall glass of warm milk with honey and a little turmeric powder. You'll not only be giving your body a boost of fiber but also a good night's sleep. This will maintain your sugar level and metabolism for all night long. Maintaining metabolism is helpful to lose weight.

Miscellaneous Tips for a Healthy Winter

  • Milk Products like curd, cheese are excellent in winter. Dairy and milk products make us more strong in winter.
  • Raw vegetables should be included into your breakfast with salads and fruits.
  • Substitute flour and white rice with wholewheat and brown rice. Replace white bread with brown.
  • Avoid munching on biscuits. Go for peanuts instead.
  • Dine at least two hours before sleep and don't forget to drink milk.
  • To maintain your cholesterol levels, have 2 -3 pieces of Garlics and drink warm water.
  • Avoid stale and junk foods.
  • Avoid excessive use of pepper, seasonings and chillies.
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